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What is Swiss Machining?

Fostermation, Inc. has recently added CNC-Swiss type capabilities to its impressive list of manufacturing processes with the addition of 5-axis CNC Swiss machines that contain live tooling. This gives us a full range of machining processes for the production of precision parts without expensive secondary operations. We are now able to manufacture complex parts with ultra high-speed flexibility.

Our CNC-Swiss machines can produce parts with diameters up to 16mm (0.625 in) and lengths up to 155mm (8.00 in). Note: longer lengths are available with a special attachment. This latest technology utilizes multi-axis machines, equipped with live tooling, for milling, cross-drilling and back-working. It provides maximum flexibility for complete complex parts, eliminating costly secondary operations. Cross drilling, center drilling, C-axis rotation, sub-spindle rotation, automated magazine bar feeds, deep drilling, tapping, threading, milling slotting and broaching can all be accomplished with ease. Typical turn tolerances can be held to +/- .0002”.

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