Fostermation, Inc. has been a leader in the manufacturing of Terminal Pins for tubular heating elements since 1971. Both upper and lower styles can be produced in a variety of configurations.

Upper pins are manufactured to standard Oakley configurations. Lower pins can be upset, headed, knurled or slotted.

Coil ends can be manufactured with a taper or radius form.

Materials used are C1008/1018 or C1215 CRS (either plain or with a pre-plated 1/2{3693c2276eb019fdf9c4cc847a177cea10b9f7b3a827f02835876f28bae937f0} or 2{3693c2276eb019fdf9c4cc847a177cea10b9f7b3a827f02835876f28bae937f0} nickel plate or a post electro-nickel plated finish), stainless steel and brass.


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