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Fostermation, Inc. has long been a primary producer of precision wire component products manufactured to customer specifications. Fostermation, Inc. continues to achieve its goal of becoming your precision wire component supplier.


Screw Machine Products

CNC Swiss Automatic Screw Machine Capabilities:

Diameters from 0.020″ to 0.625″. Read More…

CNC Swiss Machining

CNC Swiss Machining

Fostermation, Inc. includes CNC-Swiss Machining capabilities in its impressive list of manufacturing processes. Read More…

Terminal Pins

Terminal Pins

Fostermation, Inc. has been a leader in the manufacturing of Terminal Pins for tubular heating elements since 1971. Read More…


Threaded Pins

Threaded Pins are used when two pieces must be assembled and must support a load, typically a fastener. Read More…


Scaler Needles

Fostermation, Inc. produces Scaler Needles, used with pneumatic air tools, in four standard diameters:
2mm (.078″), 3mm (.117″), 3.175 mm (.125″) and 4mm (.156″). Read More…

knurled_pins cropped

Knurled Pins

Knurled Pins are similar to grooved pins in that the diameter of the pin is expanded by pressing features into the body of the pin.  Read More…

Hinge Pins

Hinge Pins

We produce straight, headed, ground and knurled configurations. Hinge pins can also be slotted or grooved to accommodate o-rings or e-rings. Read More…


Rods and Shafts

Fostermation, Inc. has the capability to produce a variety of configurations of Rods and Shafts to fit your needs.  Read More…

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